Flavors and Fragrances

innovation • customization • aroma ingredients

Synerzine is a leading supplier of flavor and fragrance ingredients. Synerzine expresses what we have grown to embody as an organization — the synergy and connection between raw ingredients, science, technology, and the final product. Our experienced team is passionate about bringing our customers high-quality innovative ingredients that they can trust.

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Discover our 1200+ aroma ingredients used in the Flavor and Fragrances industries. Our products are backed by more than 40 years of experience as well as technical and application assistance to help you meet even the most demanding requirements.

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Flavor and Fragrance companies know they can trust Synerzine’s ability to provide aroma ingredients that meet all relevant global regulatory requirements. This confidence is backed by extensive quality system documentation and an experienced, highly trained team.

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Synerzine is pleased to be an active member in the following associations. Our goal is to build relationships that exchange innovative ideas that foster knowledge for the advancement of science in Flavors & Fragrances.

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